Employment Opportunities

Kache.AI is a startup corporation in the field of autonomous vehicle technology. We’re developing the solution for the next level of on-the-road self-driving trucks. Our development philosophy is based on a fast moving, very aggressive agile team approach and we’re seeking both software and hardware engineers that thrive in such an environment. With a small management footprint the teams are primarily self-directing and self-organizing in order to accomplish their high-level goals.

Employees will get in on the ground floor of a company that strives to become one of the pre-eminent autonomous vehicle solutions providers, and can expect to share in the financial benefits of Kache.AI as we grow.

We are looking to hire various levels of experience from five or more years to right out of college. College degrees are desired as are graduate degrees, but more important to us is the depth of knowledge of the various subject matters listed below.

Potential employees must work well in a team-oriented environment, be confident enough to propose their own unique approaches to solving the team’s technological problems, be willing to move from one team to another which may require learning and mastering new skills and disciplines.

Our candidates should have some of the qualifications in the listed of desired experiences below through education and/or work experience. The more qualifications and experience you have, the more we want you:


We are currently hiring:

Autonomous Software Engineers with experience in:

  1. Designing, coding, and training convolutional neural networks.
  2. AWS AI APIs
  3. Developing and refining computer vision and machine learning algorithms.
  4. Working with autonomous vehicle mapping systems.
  5. Developing autonomous vehicle simulation software.
  6. Robotics.
  7. Programming in C/C++ and/or Python.
  8. Developing software with such frameworks as: TensorFlow, CAFFE, MATLAB, KERAS, LIME
  9. Developing and enhancing apps using CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture).
  10. Understanding, accessing, and/or designing large databases.
  11. Processing and analyzing video images.
  12. Leading a development team guiding and mentoring junior engineers.
  13. Working in an agile development environment.